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Most free fonts are for personal use only. But there are also lots of free fonts online which can be used for commercial use. If a font is free for personal use only, regularly the designer adds a link to where you can purchase the full, commercial version. If you want to use a font, which is only free for personal use, for a birthday card, a t-shirt for your children, to pimp up your old painting, etc, you can simply download and use it. But if you plan on selling birthday cards, t-shirts, etc, you will have to purchase the commercial version which gives you the right to earn money with it. Free fonts are a great way to try out a font and see if it's what you we're looking for before purchasing it. These Free downloadable fonts are often used by big brands for their logo's. A free fonts that is used often is Avant Garde; used by Nutella, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Groupon, Toyota, and much more famous brands. An other popular font often used by famous brands is Helvetica; used by LG, Panasonic, Subway, Jeep, Fendi, Lufthansa, and much more.

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Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic - 10 styles