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Font description

Introducing Qartagrafy — worn and weathered to a near-stencil, it evokes a different age, a universe that operates with a bit more magic in it.

It's as at home evoking the high seas of the 1600s as it is in branding a yoga studio or a new rustic, organic food product.


➻ Qartagraphy (pronounced "cartography") has at least one alternate for each upper and lowercase letter, s and g having as many as four.

➻ By default, the contextual alternates and ligatures are activated in programs like InDesign, creating a truly natural variation to text. Type any letter twice in a row and you won't get the same result.

➻ When you want to see the possible variations of a glyph in a program like Illustrator or InDesign, simply select the glyph and it will show you all the variations for that particular character.

➻ Qartagrafy includes a large selection of Standard Ligatures and Discretionary Ligatures, allowing you to make your design truly unique.

➻ Using the Glyphs palette is typically the best way to achieve fine control over each glyph.


➻ A–Z, as well as Æ and Œ, are supported in this set of Small Caps. They are accessible by selecting "All Small Caps" from the OpenType menu. TABULAR FIGURES, FRACTIONS & SUPERSCRIPT NUMBERS

➻ Creating complex typography is possible with Qartagraphy, rare for a display face like this.


➻ 2 fonts ( As Opentype and Truetype, .otf and .ttf )


➻ Qartagrafy can be opened and used in any software that can read standard fonts — even MS Word. No special software is required to access the basic character set, but it truly comes alive with all the alternates and bells & whistles when you use a recent build of a program like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.

➻ For those who do have OpenType-capable software: The alternates are accessible by turning on 'Stylistic Alternates' and 'Ligatures' buttons on in Photoshop's Character panel, or via any software with a glyphs panel, e.g. Adobe InDesign ,Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, Inkscape.


Multilingual Support is included for the following languages, even Vietnamese (pretty much every conceivable Latin script that exists with actual users): Abenaki, Afaan Oromo, Afar, Afrikaans, Albanian, Alsatian, Amis, Anuta, Aragonese, Aranese, Aromanian, Arrernte, Arvanitic (Latin), , Asturian, Atayal, Aymara, Azerbaijani, Bashkir (Latin), Basque, Belarusian (Latin), Bemba, Bikol, Bislama, Bosnian, Breton, Cape Verdean Creole, Catalan, Cebuano, Chamorro, Chavacano, Chichewa, Chickasaw, Cimbrian, Cofán, Cornish, Corsican, Creek, Crimean Tatar (Latin), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dawan, Delaware, Dholuo, Drehu, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Faroese, Fijian, Filipino, Finnish, Folkspraak, French, Frisian, Friulian, Gagauz (Latin), Galician, Ganda, Genoese, German, Gikuyu, Gooniyandi, Greenlandic (Kalaallisut), Guadeloupean Creole, Gwich’in, Haitian Creole, Hän, Hawaiian, Hiligaynon, Hopi, Hotcąk (Latin), Hungarian, Icelandic, Ido, Igbo, Ilocano, Indonesian, Interglossa, Interlingua, Irish, Istro-Romanian, Italian, Jamaican, Javanese (Latin), Jèrriais, Kaingang, Kala Lagaw Ya, Kapampangan (Latin), Kaqchikel, Karakalpak (Latin), Karelian (Latin), Kashubian, Kikongo, Kinyarwanda, Kiribati, Kirundi, Klingon, Kurdish (Latin), Ladin, Latin, Latino sine Flexione, Latvian, Lithuanian, Lojban, Lombard, Low Saxon, Luxembourgish, Maasai, Makhuwa, Malay, Maltese, Manx, Māori, Marquesan, Megleno-Romanian, Meriam Mir, Mirandese, Mohawk, Moldovan, Montagnais, Montenegrin, Murrinh-Patha, Nagamese, Creole, Nahuatl, Ndebele, Neapolitan, Ngiyambaa, Niuean, Noongar, Norwegian, Novial, Occidental, Occitan, Old Icelandic, Old Norse, Onĕipŏt, Oshiwambo, Ossetian (Latin), Palauan, Papiamento, Piedmontese, Polish, Portuguese, Potawatomi, Q’eqchi’, Quechua, Rarotongan, Romanian, Romansh, Rotokas, Sami (Inari Sami), Sami (Lule Sami), Sami (Northern Sami), Sami (Southern Sami), Samoan, Sango, Saramaccan, Sardinian, Scottish Gaelic, Serbian (Latin), Seri, Seychellois Creole, Shawnee, Shona, Sicilian, Silesian, Slovak, Slovenian, Slovio (Latin), Somali, Sorbian (Lower Sorbian), Sorbian (Upper Sorbian), Sotho (Northern), Sotho (Southern), Spanish, Sranan, Sundanese (Latin), Swahili, Swazi, Swedish, Tagalog, Tahitian, Tetum, Tok Pisin, Tokelauan, Tongan, Tshiluba, Tsonga, Tswana, Tumbuka, Turkish, Turkmen (Latin), Tuvaluan, Tzotzil, Uzbek (Latin), Venetian, Vepsian, Vietnamese, Volapük, Võro, Wallisian, Walloon, Waray-Waray, Warlpiri, Wayuu, Welsh, Wik-Mungkan, Wiradjuri, Wolof, Xavante, Xhosa, Yapese, Yindjibarndi, Zapotec, Zarma, Zazaki, Zulu, Zuni

➻ Commercial use is allowed for unlimited projects and sales (refer to EULA for specifics). This free/trial version is for personal use only — any commercial use requires the purchase of a license from

➻ Feel free to convert the fonts to web fonts for your personal/business website.

➻ You may not use the fonts in templates for sale/free. ( web/print/app )


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Qartagrafy Regular

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The Qartagrafy includes also the free webfont version. This way you can get the Qartagrafy html font and use this as the best Display font for your website.

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Qartagrafy Regular
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