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Font description

The open round forms of many of the letters provide the most striking characteristic of JOSEF, causing the typeface to appear gentle and pleasing. All of the letters are recognizably narrow, almost ”condensed,“ the forms being very functionally shaped. The construction of the ”triangular“ upper case letters A M N V W as well as v and w, especially catches the eye with the shafts joined together as beams are stacked upon each other. The ”round“ letters emphasize the condensed open oval; the light counter forms provide the rhythm of the typeface, the ”modern“ design of a and g being especially contributive here. Contrary to the classical sans serifs, a few letters were given light echoes of serifs which promote fluency: a d l are displayed below the line in a reading direction and end in a compressed but also very short serif style; on m n p r the upstroke is gently displayed and on u the downstroke. For all the typo-maniacs among you designers there are alternative forms for a number of letters in Josef: A B D G I M N R W and a d f g j l ß u. Even an antiquated ”long“ s and an upper case ß is available. Plus, Josef includes numerous ligatures which can save that little bit of space where required and which allow the typeface to appear more variable: ch, ck, ct, fi, fj, fl, ff, ffi, ffl, ft, mm, ti, tt, tz. The files offered here to download for free contain only a reduced font for try out. That means, the font only consists of uppercase and lowercase from A to Z or rather, a to z. The complete font including numbers, umlauts, punctuations and especially the ligatures is only available at


Font specimen

Josef reduced Ultra

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Copyright (c) 2006 by Ingo Zimmermann, Augsburg. All rights reserved.
Josef reduced
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Josef reduced Ultra
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